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Dstv Installations and repairs
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Dstv ExploraSet Up & Installations
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Are you Looking for a quality and affordable Installation and repair services for your dstv ?

about Doctor Dish SA company

We aim to eliminate the task of dividing your project between different services and within the  company. We are a company that offers repairs and installation services for you from initial to the end.

Dstv Installations

Supply & install DSTV Decoders. HD Explora, HD PVR, Extra View. Call outs, Re-locations, Re-installations Surround Sound, Bracket Mounting Home and Business installations

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Why Choose Us

We are a company that offers repair and installation services for you from initial repair to final installations

  • We are Passionate
  • Honest and Dependable
  • Always Improving
  • Dstv  Certified Installers

Our Services

Residential Dstv Service

Our technicians providing you with all DSTV products and services including Decoders, re-location, TVs, CAT5/6 Cabling, HD Cabling, TV Links, TV Brackets, Floating Shelves, Cable Management/Neatening and WIFI Connectors within the home.

Dstv HD Decoder Single View Installation

DStvSmart village, Communal dish installations, Fibre optic installations.

Dstv Re-Installations ,Signal problems & Extra Points

We are avalaible 24/7 ,No waiting list ,and we deliver service immediately on confirmation.

OpenView HD Installations

OpenView High Definition is an Ellis powered decoder that provide 18 free channel in high definition (HD) , with OVHD you do not pay monthly fees like dstv you just get us to connect your satellite dish , align the dish to get the signal of satellite IS20.

Dstv Explora Installation

Explora PVR Decoder ,smart  LNB,Installation,Metal Dish,IOM cable included ,1 hour  Labour .

Home Automation

Our Multichoice Accredited technicians install all types of DSTV systems that cater for your exact needs. We supply top of the range durable products that have been tried and tested over the years.

CCTV Installations

For all your Residential or Commercial property, we have specialized systems to meet your requirements, be it analogue or IP based Cameras .

TV Mount

Wall mounting your TV will help you get the best viewing angle and make your living room less cluttered.


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